Do you erect and dismantle scaffold towers for customers?

Yes, We hire out scaffold tower and also can provide erection and dismantling of the tower if required.

Do I require any forms of identification when hiring?

Yes. New cash customers wanting to hire machines must provide 2 forms of identification. If you are not sure what you need, please call us on 01422 205616.

Do you require a deposit?

We require a cash or card deposit from all cash customers, then the differance will be refunded after the items are returned. Deposit may vary depending on the machine.

Do I need to clean the equipment before returning?

Machines must be considerably clean when returned or a cleaning charge will be applied.

How do I know which machine I require?

If you are unsure which machine you need to complete a job, do not hesitate to give one of our trained team members a call on 01422 205616.

Can I order online?

This facility is not available yet.