A range of Transformers and Extension Leads to provide 110v & 240v power to our wide range of power tool hire equipment.


Adaptors (1) Distribution Box (2) Extension Lead (1) Transformers (3)

Extension Lead

Defender & Blakley Electrics

Blakley Electrics and Birchwood extension leads.  They are suitable for all hire equipment and all fitted with sockets and plugs.  Very durable to withstand site use and all weather conditions.

All extensions leads below are for use on construction site equipment such as transformers, corded hand tools, lighting, site heating and cooling equipment.  A loose extension lead, a more lightweight alternative to a cable reel.

Various extension leads available:

Birchwood E85221 Extension Cable 240v 16a 2.5mmx14m-16m  

Birchwood E85240 Extension Cable 110v 32a 4mmx14m 

Birchwood E85224 Extension Lead 240v 13a 2.5mmx14m

Birchwood E85131 Extension Lead 110v 16a 2.5mmx14m

Blakley Electrics S050228D Extension Lead 110v 32a 4mmx14m

Blakley Electrics S050051 Extension Lead 240v 13a 1.5mmx14m

Blakley Electrics S050017D Extension Lead 110v 16a 2.5mmx14m






Hire Price
1 Day £3.13 excl. VAT
2 Day £5.63 excl. VAT
Week £6.25 excl. VAT
Weekend £4.38 excl. VAT

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