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Husqvarna K2500 Cut Off Saw 400mm (16") - Hydraulic

Hydraulic Pressure
150 Bar
Vibration Level (Front Handle)
7.5 m/s2
Vibration Level (Rear Handle)
5.2 m/s2
Sound (Pressure) Level
85 dB(A) LpA
Sound (Power) Level
107 dB(A) LwA

This Husqvarna K2500 hydraulic cut off saw is a light, powerful and durable machine and with no fumes and with its low noise level the hydraulic cutter is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Saw uses a 400mm cutting blade with a cutting depth of 145mm and is frequently used to pre-cut when finishing the job with our Ring Saw, or it can be just used as a standard cut off saw.

A hydraulic power pack is included and the diamond cutting blades are available to hire or purchase.



Hire Price
1 Day £68.25 excl. VAT
2 Day £122.85 excl. VAT
Week £136.50 excl. VAT
Weekend £95.55 excl. VAT

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Blade Dia: 400mm max

Cutting Depth: 145mm

Power: Hydraulic Pressure of 150 bar/2200psi

HAV: 7.5 m/s2 - Front Handle

HAV: 5.2 m/s2 - Rear Handle

Sound (Pressure) Level: 85 dB(A) LpA

Sound (Power) Level: 107 dB(A) LwA

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