We have an extensive range of plumbing and pipework equipment from pipe threading and pipe cutting equipment to drain clearance tools for clearing any unwanted blockages.


Blow Torches (1) Chimney (1) Drains (3) Pipe Bender (3) Wrench (2) Cutters (3) Testing Pump (1) Central Heating Flusher (1) Stand Pipe (1) Pipe Threader (1)

Pipe Cutter (Manual) - 2" - 4"


Robust, high quality pipe cutting tool capable of cutting stainless steel, copper, aluminium, brass and thin wall steel.

Specially hardened pressure rollers provide excellent alignment giving perfect right angle cuts every time.


Hire Price
1 Day £10.93 excl. VAT
2 Day £19.67 excl. VAT
Week £21.85 excl. VAT
Weekend £15.30 excl. VAT

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